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16 March
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Beefy Bod Cosmo Babu




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Power Men

When we first met Cosmo Babu in 2007, he was a muscular kid who played video games and hung out with his girlfriend. All that has changed. The girlfriend’s long gone, and Cosmo prefers to spend his time now in the gym and not with his X-box. And has it paid off? WOW is all we can say! We lured the big-dicked muscleman to a bar, gave him a few drinks, and brought him back to our hotel room, where he showed off his massive muscles and mammoth tool to our satisfaction – and to his, too, judging by the ropes of cum he shot on our mirror!

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16 February

Beefy Muscle Stud Naked






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Live action hero Trent West began it all for Paragon Men, starring in their inaugural issue over two years ago. After so many emails begging them to get this masterpiece hung bare ass naked, he’s back. Alot like Europeans smashed up against a World Cup fence, Trent’s manly allure is asphyxiating. Mercifully, he’s serving up enough hefty trunk and carved ass for all those clamoring for his meat.

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24 July

Jimmy Z Beefy Bods


Jimmy Z Productions

Beautiful beefy bodybuilders naked. Big muscular guys dancing, stripping, and stroking their hard cocks and hard abs for the crowd and you to enjoy. Muscle worshiping site full of big muscle guys nude.

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